Sunday, October 28, 2018

RIDM 2018: Opening and Cloisng Films

RIDM  2018
21st Edition

November 8 - 18, 2018


What Walaa Wants – Le rêve de Walla
Director Christy Garland
Canada, Denmark / 2018 / 1 h 23 min

 “Walaa, a strong-willed young Palestinian woman, dreams only of joining the Palestinian Security Forces. When her mother arrives home after eight years in prison, Walaa starts single-mindedly pursuing her ambition. While her strong, dynamic personality makes her an ideal candidate, her impulsiveness and lack of respect for authority fit badly with the demands put on her by the training regimen. Carefully observing both Walaa and her surroundings, Christy Garland tells the story of a complex and charming young woman, while subtly capturing the tensions experienced every day within the Palestinian community and its families.”


John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection
Director Julien Faraut
France / 2019 / 90 min.

Many filmmakers, from Jean-Luc Godard to Serge Daney, have been fascinated by tennis. It’s an unpredictable sport, in which the duration of a match is determined by the performance of the players, whose slightest mood shifts seem to be captured by the camera. And few players have worn their moods as boldly as the inimitable John McEnroe! Made from archival 16mm footage shot by Gil de Kermadec, the former national technical director for French tennis, at the Roland-Garros tournament in 1984, with erudite narration by Mathieu Amalric and some flashy aesthetic choices, Julien Faraut’s film is original and ambitious. It is a portrait of a non-conformist athlete, a reflection on the relationship between cinema and sports, and a look back at one of the most legendary tennis matches of all time.


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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Cinemania 2018: Opening and Closing Films

24th Edition

November 1 - 11, 2018

Opening Film
Doubles Vies (English title: Non-Fiction)

Director Olivier Assayas / France / 100 min / 2018

"Alain (Guillaume Canet) is a publisher and Léonard (Vincent Macaigne) a needy novelist. Modern publishing trends and shifting tastes have totally passed them by. These guys are overwhelmed by change and in mid-life crisis - they struggle to find their place in society in a changing industry whose entry codes they cannot seem to crack. And, they're tone-deaf to the advice of their restless wives (wonderfully portrayed by Juliette Binoche and Nora Hamzawi). All four, plus assorted girlfriends and lovers, agonize over the future with delicious dialogue in a series of dinner parties.
Renowned director-scriptwriter Olivier Assayas gathers a great ensemble cast, delivering a clever not-to-be-missed comedy set in today's sophisticated world of Parisian publishing!"

Closing Film

Director Alexis Michalik / France, Belgum / 1h 45 min / 2018

“December 1897, Paris. Playwright Edmond Rostand, is not yet 30 and is stressed ‘to-the-max’. He hasn’t written a word in 2 years! Desperate, he propositions the great theatrical actor Benoît-Constant Coquelin to appear in his next production, a heroic comedy for the stage in time for the year-end holidays. The only hasn’t been written yet! In the midst of a chaotic life filled with capricious actors & actresses, a jealous wife, demanding producers, his best friend’s convoluted love life, and a general lack of enthusiasm for his new play, Edmond sits down to write. But all he can thus far commit to paper is the title, ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’...

For more information about the festival, viisit the CINEMANIA website.